Robin and Cliff Halik are the new owners of Pioneer Cleaning and have lived on Nantucket since 1986.  They have raised their children here and continue to love this island and all it has to offer.  Cliff has been in the building business for over 20 years doing residential home construction, renovations, additions and maintenance. With a crew of four, he builds from frame to finish.  Robin also operates Oceanside Property Management, which will now operate in conjunction with Pioneer Cleaning.


"Cliff and I have lived on this island for 27 years and we have established roots in this community.  We have built relationships across the island and in every aspect. Between us, we have the staff to accommodate almost any request.  This is critical as that means we control the schedule.  If something needs to be done right now we don’t have to track down subcontractors.  We can pull an employee to the situation at hand."


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Thank you,

Robin & Cliff Halik

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